Shrink Wrap Film 20cm Wide


Shrink Wrap Film, Like Cellophane - 20cm Wide

Now you can make all your products look professional.

Sometimes you only need a small amount, rather than buy the entire roll, we have packed them up into handy 10 metre packs

If you require the entire roll, this is possible, however as we order it is specially as required it may take a week to ship.

Open the film (when opened it is double the size listed)

Slide your products in, heat seal around the edges to make into a bag shape

With your heat gun on gentle heat, wave it over the product until it is nicely sealed and tight around your product (making it look professional and well finished)


  • Use the heat gun on low so you don't create holes in your shrink wrap
  • If a small hole appears, stop and apply a piece of clear sticky tape then continue
  • To get the film apart, place a piece of sticky tape on each side and pull the film apart