Simple CP Cold Process Soap Recipe


Make your own soap the old fashioned way with oils & lye

For those that prefer not to handle the chemical side we recommend our Melt and Pour base. This should be made with great care and kept away from animals and children.

Level: Medium

Ingredients Required:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Palm oil
  • Lye
  • Essential Oil (Optional)
  • Pigment or Mica (optional)
  • We used Copper Mica and Teal Blue Mica Powder for the soaps in the image, mixed in 2 separate containers and then piped decorations

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  • Essential Oils, Colours & Mica required for this recipe are available from Renascent Bath & Body - Oils are available from Supermarkets or Speciality Stores, Lye (also known as Caustic Soda) is available from Hardware Stores
  • We recommend eye protection and gloves



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