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Basic Renascent Bath Body Melt and Pour Soap Instructions
Create your own Natural Soap
Complete Instruction Booklet for the ‘Renascent’ Melt & Mold Soap
Natural ‘Renascent’ Melt & Pour soap

What makes these soaps so special.......
Have you searched for a natural soap that doesn't strip the skin? Did you know that the natural oils form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin & some harsh commercial soaps can strip these oils, rendering your skin unprotected from the elements making it prone to premature aging & drying.
Renascent’s High quality glycerine soap is a far gentler approach to the skin than many commercial soaps.

Discover a fabulous new hobby

  • Create the most wonderful gifts at home very inexpensively
  • Easy enough for the kids to do too
  • Begin a hobby or expand into a new business
  • Use your very own favourite scents & colors
  • Delve into advanced  ‘Soap Art’
  • Save money $$$ Create your own soap & bathroom items

These soaps contain beautiful natural ingredients & therefore leave the skin's natural oils in tact leaving you protected whilst feeling smooth & supple. As such they will not last as long as some commercial (hardened) soaps, however they are far kinder to the skin & body & will not stress the meridian (energy) system.

We use the purest ingredients available to ensure a high quality bathing experience. Do not think all lines in this style are of similar quality.

We are delighted to offer high quality teachings in natural therapies, personal and spiritual development and a natural health clinic along with a full range of soap bars, soap making supplies & many other wonderful products all available through:   Renascent Bath Body (Melbourne / Australia)

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