Display Stands / Stages for Soaps, Gems, Ornaments, Minerals, Gemstones


Black Plastic stands with prongs to hold up your fancy soaps

Lovely, delicate black plastic display stand that can be used for displaying gems, soaps, mineral, collections & more.

SIZE: 40mm X 40mm X 5 high 

You are purchasing in lots of 10  or 50

These are quite delicate but perfect to display soaps that need to stand up like gemstone geode soaps, you can also add this stage inside our square display boxes, simply "glue" down with actual glue or a little melted soap, blue tack,silicone or plasticine to hold your display stage in place.

I personally use them upside down with the 4 x "legs" holding my soap in place easily.

Australian Made

*These previously were the display stages in our mineral boxes, we have a small run of the display stands left and they are absolutely perfect to hold those tricky shaped soaps.