SOAP DOUGH POWDER 500gm - Make Play Doh Soaps / Piped Frosting


500gm SOAP DOUGH POWDER - Make Play Doh Soaps, or use to make MP Melt and pour soap into piping frosting.

Easy, Safe, Natural.  

High Quality Soap Dough Powder

To use: Melt 500gms Melt and pour soap base, add a small amount of soap powder (up to 300gms) until it achieves a kneadable consistency.

Knead through some Renascent Pigment dyes and fragrances and you're good to go

You can roll the soap into balls, shape into various shapes or roll out and cut out guest soap shapes with a cookie cutter

Mix with melt and pour soap base to use like cup cake frosting

You can even press it into a mould and gently release

Leave to harden for a few days and your soap is good to use

*PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the powder ONLY, you will also need to add some MP Soap Base

  • All Natural
  • Great fun, for kids too
  • No Heat required (once the Melt and Pour Soap base is melted)
  • Great school holidays activity, team it with some of our soap paints to finish off your painted soaps, amuse the kids for hours!
  • Roll into soap balls (add some botanicals, shimmers or glitter)
  • Roll out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters
  • Makes exquisite hand rolled soap balls
  • Create shapes and patterns, then embed within your clear soap in a mould (have a look at the pics above to get an idea of how this may look)
  • Safe, Non Toxic, food grade
  • Weight: Approx 500gm

300gm of soap powder, blended with 500gm of soap base will produce 800gms of soap (a soap bar is generally 40-120gms, therefore this will make 7-20 soap bars/balls).

To Use Soap Dough Powder for Piping / Frosting:

Mix 300gms soap dough powder to 500gm Melt and pour, pour into a piping bag, rest on the bench for just a few moments until it begins to firm up. Working quickly, you will be able to pipe soap like frosting to go on soap cupcakes and decorations.