Soap Paints Full Set 16 x 15ml Pots


This set comprises of all 8 X Basic Soap Paint Pots and 8 x Specialty Soap Paints 

Bring your soaps to life with these exquisite, high quality body safe paints

Hand paint on your finished soaps to add details, special effects and turn a cake of soap into finished art.

Looking for something for the kids to do, give them a soap bar, brush and paint and let them create their own masterpieces.

Colours included are:


  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Pink
  6. Purple
  7. Red
  8. Yellow


  1. Black
  2. Bronze
  3. Crystal Sparkle
  4. Glow
  5. Gold
  6. Golden Pearl
  7. Silver
  8. White
    *Please note - Colour shades and hues may vary from time to time from the images

    Creating beautiful soaps just became easy! Fantastic Colours, Easily Blended for unique custom colours.

    • Skin & Body Safe
    • Brighten up dull or boring (or failed) soaps
    • Quick Drying, 2nd coat can be applied in minutes
    • Thick coverage
    • Metallics will sparkle and shimmer
    • You can add glitters and shimmers to your paints for special effects
    • Non Bleeding
    • Safe & Non Toxic
    • Suitable for melt and Pour & Cold Pressed
    • Use only a tiny amount per paint - highly concentrated
    • No animal products
    • 15ml Glass Pot with Wadded lid to prevent drying out