Strawberry Soap Bar


Divinely Scented STRAWBERRY Soap Bar, everything we love about fruity bathing.

*Please note these soap bars are hand made and come from our studio location, rather than the supplies warehouse - please place orders separately - Thank you!
May take 1 week to make up

Lovely Gentle on the skin Finished soap bar, inspired by ripe Strawberries (but MUCH larger.

Beautifully finished large size Strawberry, dusted with sparkly red mica shimmers and finished with a fabric leaf.

SCENT: Fruity Berry Fragrant Oil

SIZE: Approximately 60  X 70mm per bar

PACKAGING: Shrink wrapped bar, Clear boxes can be purchased at the same time if you would like it gift packed.

*Please note - As each Soap bar is lovingly made by hand, each one will be slightly different (unique) and may not exactly match the images shown here, however all our soap bars are made by the same artist and will be of the same quality as the images shown here.

We recommend buying more than 1 to get a lovely selection.