Tiny Peacock Ore Chalcopyrite Minerals


You can see the intricate colours in this beautiful Peacock Ore of Chalcopyrite that have formed into a wonderful specimen, sure to delight all.

Natural 10 or 20 X Tiny Peacock Ore Chalcopyrite Minerals

A beautiful selection, these are one of our most fascinating mineral specimens
Very rare & lovely
Choose 10 or 20 specimens from the drop down selector
A beautiful selection for a budding collector
Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on display. 
Weight: varies according to size of crystals
SIZE: approx' 5-10mm each GEM, Weight of stones varies due to quantity of 10
* Actual gems may vary slightly from those shown in the picture above

PYRITE   (Pronounced Pi - rite)

GEOLOGICAL :- Pyrite, a mineralised crystal which forms in clusters of metallic like cubes. Its name ‘pyr’ in Greek means fire, as it produces sparks when knocked. Brass yellow to grey yellow with a metallic lustre in color. Due to its similarity to Gold, it is often known as fools gold. It has a hardness of 6-6.5 and is found all over the world.
HEALING :-With its golden yellow appearance, Pyrite enhances its users emotional body, strengthening the will and assisting in their ability to work with other harmoniously. It influences a more positive outlook on life, helping with circulation and digestion, allowing toxins to present less damage to the body.
The above healing information is an extract from Esoteric Gemmology © Lesley Mitchell