GOLDFISH 3D long Tube Embed Silicone Mould


Create Long embeds or guest soaps easily - tube moulds!

3D long Embed GOLDFISH Large Soap / Candle Mould / Mold

Approximate SIZE (of finished soap): 300mm long X 30mm 

Really high quality unique embed soap mould.

Finished Soap is approximately 2.5cm across 

Cut up to make fish in a bag / fish in a dish soaps or use in a loaf mould and slice

It is joined in the middle and here's how to use it:

  • Clip the 2 halves together by pressing all along the join (Like a zip lock bag)
  • Stand up on its end by resting in a vase, cup, container
  • pour your melted, coloured and scented soap into the tube until it is filled (or as much as you like)
  • Allow to set
  • Slip the 2 halves open
  • Pop your (tube of) soap out

Finished Soaps:

  1. You may then slice it for lovely unique guest soaps
  2. Slice it to fit the length of a loaf mould
    Take a loaf pan and add some (not too hot or it will melt your embeds) clear RenascentBathBody soap base (scented as per your preferences)
    Spritz with isopropyl alcohol (also available) to allow the soaps to stick together
    Place your tube(s) of soap in this (maybe add one or several)
    Cover with melted (but not too hot) soap base
    Allow to set
    Slice into bars
  3. Place inside other clear soaps you are making as floating embeds
    Slice up as per guest soaps, pour a little clear soap base in the bottom of your mould and slide in the cut soaps immediately, Cover with just enough soap base to cover the embeds
    Allow to set up - this stops it getting too hot and melting your embeds
    Spritz with I Alcohol and pour the remainder of the soap base over
    Allow to set and unmould
    Your clear soap will now have the coloured embeds you previously made floating throughout

RenascentBathBody also stock:

  • Soap Cutters to hand slice each bar into equal sized bars

Your beautiful soap art mold:

  • Will last for many (if not 100's) of pours (durability depends on care)
  • High quality FOOD GRADE silicone that will not easily tear or split
  • Can simply produce the most amazing art pieces in Soap Art
  • Costs as little as $1 per soap to create 
  • Excellent gifts or business
  • Is made of high grade silicone - (cheaper rubbers & silicones are available - all molds are not the same!
  • Contains no (ammonia based) latex
  • Australian Company
  • NICNAS Registered (We make sure we are complaint so you do not have to worry about it)
  • Ongoing support
  • Free tutorials on youtube