Waffle Wafer Quarter Biscuit Silicone Mould (8 Cavities)


Realistic Wafer Biscuits Silicone Mould

Uh Oh, you'll need a "Do Not Eat" sign with this one. Super fun waffle wafer biscuit mould, perfect for soap toppers, guest soaps or soy candle melts. So realistic - they look like biscuits! The images here are all soap!

Lovely Quarter waffles, please note these are tiny, but perfect for soy melts or decorations

Product Details:

  • Material of mould: Silicone
  • Approx size of finished product: 40mm  X 5-8mm
  • Approx weight of finished soap: 10grams
  • Number of cavities per mould: 8
  • Food grade: No
  • Special Features of this mould: Highly Flexible to allow easy release of your finished product
  • Uses: Soaps, Soy Candle Melts, Plaster, Resin, Crafts, Bath Bomb Embeds / Embellishments

Please note: You are receiving the mould, not the finished product. Your mould may be a different colour to the image shown.