Water Soluble Dissolving Image Paper


Water Soluble Dissolving Printable Paper

Add your personal images to your soaps easily, that will simply dissolve when the soap is used.

Water Soluble Paper - This is an amazing product - water soluble paper!

You can write or print on textas, ink, an ink jet printer OR laser printer (we've tested them both).

Place messages or images in your Crystal Clear Soap Base that can easily be seen.

Perfect for wedding favors, presents or promotional products!

As you use the soap and get to the image it simply dissolves away like magic! (Take a look at the video below of us dissolving it in water)

  • (Sheets are 8.5" x 11")
  • This package contains 12 sheets, 11" x 8-1/2" (27.9cm x 21.6cm) of acid free, water soluble stabilizer or foundation paper. 
  • Instructions for use on the reverse of package
  • Spray with hairspray front and back if using an inkjet printer to prevent colour bleeding
  • BONUS RECIPE to make Paper Soap - come free with every Renascent Brand pack of papers

Make Travel Soap Sheets:

  • Lay a sheet of the water dissolving paper on a tray
  • Spread a thin line of liquid soap at the end of the tray
  • Working quickly but gently, brush the liquid soap all over the paper
  • Quickly and carefully flip the paper over and repeat the above step, covering the back side of the paper with liquid soap
  • Carefully pick up and hang up to dry
  • Once dry, cut up the paper into small squares and place is a handy carry box (a tic tac box works well or any small tin or pack)
  • When ready to use, take a sheet out, wet hands rub all over activating the soap, paper and soap will dissolve and wash away once done
  • Perfect for a purse pack or camping

You can also use Water Dissolving Paper as a base, backing, or topper, by not printing any images. apply to the back of fabric to firm up your sewing and it will dissolve in the wash.

TIP: This paper works with top loading / rear feed printers. Any printers that have a roller that the paper needs to ‘wrap’ around (like a bottom feed printer) do not work optimally with this specialty product and risk damaging your printer.

In some situations, the design may bleed and migrate in your soap over time. Please test firstly to ascertain effectiveness for your purposes.

Using Water Dissolving Paper / stabilizer is a great way to use designs off your computer or the internet. Print or trace a design onto Water Dissolving Paper  and have it wash out once it is stitched. Use as a base, backing or topper. Suitable for use in copy machines, ink-jet printers or bubble-jet printers.

It is the PERFECT paper for paper piecing! Water Dissolving Paper does not gum-up needles, is non-toxic and bio-degradable. You can trace designs using pencils, permanent-ink markers or heat transfer designs using Iron-On Transfer Pens. Acid and lead free. Make your own, liquid brush-on stabilizer and save money over bottle brands!

Sulky, Paper Solvy, Water Dissolving Paper demonstration. We now stock our own brand which works exactly the same way.

*The images in this listing are courtesy of Paige Meek's designs

Here's what Soap Fantasy created using similar paper