CP Soap without any concerns? Meet Milled Soap!

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Milled Soap

Love the lather of CP, but don't want to mix Lye or wait for the 6 weeks cure time? We have made it easy for you with our Milled Soap Base.

Not all soaps & bases are the same. We are delighted to offer this gorgeous & Milled Soap Base. Whether you create some fragrant bathing bliss for yourself, your friends or set up a business (within 1 hour) with your new skills you can be assured of the quality & integrity of your products. Using this Milled Soap Base kit is remarkably easy to create your very own special “bathing bliss” items. The soap flakes provided are pure soap  – ready for you to colour, scent & roll.

  • PIPE IT: Blend with water to a pipe-able consistency and you can add to a piping bag for beautiful Swirls (Frostings and decorations)
    Simply add water to create a mix you can use like cup cake frosting
  • ROLL IT: Check out our blog and you can easily roll hand made soaps in minutes
  • MOULD IT: Make into a slightly thinner consistency and you can press into a mould and unmould beautifully shaped soaps

Milled Soap Process

Ingredients for milling soap:

  • 1 cup of pre-milled Renascent Bath & Body unscented, natural soap
  • 1/2 cup of warm to hot water for every 120 gms (approximately 1 cup, grated) soap
  • OPTIONAL: Renascent Bath & Body fragrant / essential oils, herbs, additives, Pigments, Micas or other ingredients

Procedure for blending milled soap:

  1. Place the Milled soap into a mixing bowl.
  2. Add water, approximately 1/2 cup per 120gms of soap, a little a t a time
  3. Add a few drops of colour and fragrance if desired
  4. With a tool or with rubber gloves on and blended by hand, Mix thoroughly until a thick dough like consistency is achieved
  5. If it is too hard to blend add a little more water, too thin, add a little more powder
  6. Knead until pliable yet holding shape
  7. Roll into ball shape or press into a mould (you can even cut out with cookie cutters
  8. Set the soaps aside to dry and harden. This may anywhere from a few hours to a week. This process is purely to harden the soaps, there is no concerns with using them immediately as they have already been cured for you before being milled.

Procedure for re-milling soap:

  1. Place the Milled soap into a mixing bowl
  2. Add water, approximately 1/2 cup per 120gms of soap, a little a t a time and stir well.
  3. Heat the mixture on low setting, stirring constantly until the soap is melted and thoroughly combined with the water. It should be about the consistency of a soft cookie dough.
  4. Remove the mixture from the heat.
  5. Add any further ingredients, such as herbs, honey, or abrasives. Do not add essential oils yet because the heat will cause them to evaporate.
  6. Stir the mixture until it’s cool but still pourable.
  7. Add any essential oils and stir thoroughly. Try adding 4 or 5 drops of essential oil for every cup of soap you grated.
  8. Spoon into molds, pack the soap well so there are no air bubbles.
  9. Set the molds aside to dry and harden.
  10. Once the soap is hard enough, turn it out of the molds and set it on a wire rack or waxed paper to harden thoroughly. This may take a few weeks.

Additional Tips & Ideas:

  • Take a small ball of the “soap dough” and colour / fragrance and roll into a ball, then take a larger amount of your “soap dough” mixture in a contracting colour and flatten out.
    Place the small ball in the centre and tightly wrap the larger colour around it, pressing to remove air bubbles and roll into a larger ball. Whilst still soft but firm, take a sharp flat bladed knife and carefully cut through the middle to show the 2 spheres with the smaller colour in the middle.
  • Botanicals may discolout within your soap, but will be lovely rolled around the outside of your soap ball,
  • Additives like poppyseed or Renascent Bath & Body organic milled rice powder mixed through will add an exfoliating aspect
  • Renascent Bath & Body organic colloidal oatmeal will add a skin nourishing effect
  • Renascent Bath & Body Milk Bath Powders or Renascent Bath & Body goats milk powder will make your soaps skin softening
  • The best colours will be achieved using the Renascent Bath & Body Liquid or powdered pigments, although the Renascent Bath & Body Micas will be terrific also
  • Use the Renascent Bath & Body skin safe fragrant oils, Essential oils for beautiful fragrances or Essence Oils to add a the benefits of liquid Gem Essences to your soaps
  • Substitute floral water for water to create a lovely gentle fragrance


Unlike Melt and pour, the Milled soap should not sweat and can be packaged accordingly.

It will lather beautifully

For those who like the feel of HP/CP soap but do not want to mix lye or wait for cure times, this is a perfect solution

Finishing and Storing your Hand-milled Soap

After your soap has dried and hardened thoroughly, which may take as much as a few weeks, store it in an air-tight container. It will last for a long time, but after a few months any scent you have added to it may lessen. You can re-mill the soap to add more essential oils to it, if you wish.

Ingredients:  Sodium Soap of Tallow & Coconut Oil, Water, Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, NAOH

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