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We’ve listed some of the pros and cons of Melt & Pour and Cold Process soap making below:


We Love the many CP soaps available and many soapers love making CP, however it is quite an art and takes, time, effort and a degree of care and skill – not everyone wants to and can make soaps this way and of course there is the concern of what if I get an order for 400 soaps with a full 4 weeks cure time, but, there is an alternative way to make soap using ‘Melt & Pour’ bases.

Renascent Bath and Body stock a range of melt and pour bases, which are exactly as they say, you simply melt, pour, set and use, so your order for 400 soaps may well have you up making all night long, but it can be done.

These melt and pour soap bases eliminate the ‘saponification’ process (it's all done for you) – so all you need to do is melt, mix, pour and set (and perhaps decorate if desired) to produce your very own style of soap art and a lovely range of finished products.

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