Crystal Light Balancing Torch, colour Discs, Tip REPLACEMENTS, MAGLIGHT GLOBES, BOX


Crystal Light Balancing Torch Tip, Torch Mahogony Box and Discs - Colour Healing Chromotherapy!

Brand New - direct from Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences

Chromotherapy Torch, Box, Colour Discs and Crystal Tip

This item is for those that already have a CLB torch and have lost / damaged some components or simply need to upgrade or have a spare set.

The discs are the basic colour set of 7 x colours and will simply come in a simple bag

The crystal tip is ONLY the black cap that slides on the torch with the crystal tip (you will need the torch to put the cap on)

The torch is our new LED torch (with or without spacer to allow the cap to fit on - choose correct one)

The Box is our new Mahogony Box with inserts to hold all your LED torch components professionally

Please keep the spacer from your previous torch if you are replacing the torch

If you need both the torch and spacer, you will need to provide proof of previous purchase

Maglite Globes are a set of 2 for those who have the previous Maglite torches

The torch comes with no components it is simply for those that have experienced battery leakage or the rare case of burnt out LED in their torch and need a replacement.

*PLEASE NOTE: proof of previous purchase may be required to purchase this item - Please speak with us directly to organise this purchase.