Almond Flavour (Oil Based)


ALMOND Oil Based Flavour for Balm, Soaps, Bath products, Chocolates, Cupcakes, Baking, Craft.

Whilst any flavours can be used in soap / candle making, it is these truly special ones that will set your product apart from others on the market. These beautiful flavours are gorgeous.

  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • No animal products - Vegan
  • Completely edible
  • You can use them for: Soaps, Candles, Lip Balm, Cup Cakes, Chocolates, Icing, Ice cream, Cake decorating, sweets, (the caramel is great when making marshmallows)
  • Specifically made for baking, cooking, soap making - can be used for any other bathing products you wish to make - eg - bath bombs, bathing salts, shower gels

  •  Can be used in oil burners for fragrancing the home

  • Can be used in any product you wish to add a gorgeous fragrance to

  • These oils are so delicious it is an incredible experience baking with them. Children especially love these flavours.

  • Flavour Oils – 25-30ml

Suitable for Gluten Free & Vegan Dietary Requirements.


Almond Flavoured Oil - 30ml

Our Flavoured Oils are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.  Oils are used to flavour chocolates, as they won't seize your chocolate like water based products will.  Just a few drops are needed to create flavoured chocolate that will add a taste sensation to your creations.

Once your chocolate has melted, add one drop at a time tasting after each addition so you can customize to your preferred pallet.  We recommend, 3 drops per 100g chocolate as a starting point.

As they are concentrated, Flavoured Oils can also be used to flavour cake batters, butter icings, cookie dough and fudges.  They also can be used in other DIY crafts like candles and bath bombs.

Make sure the flavoured oil is at room temperature before adding to other ingredients.

Oils should also be stored in the fridge to maximise their shelf life.

Dosage Rate: 0.05% 


Suitable for Kosher dietary requirements.

Suitable for Halal dietary requirements.

Suitable for Vegan (contains Palm Oil Derivative) & Vegetarian dietary requirements.

Made in India. Packed in Australia