Heirloom Antique Mould


Unique, Antique Style Beautifully Old Fashioned Soap/Candle Mould


Approximate SIZE of finished soap: 60mm X 70mm x 35mm deep 

Really high quality unique embed soap mould 

  • Single Cavity Silicone mould 
  • Super cute 
  • Pour your melted, coloured and scented soap into the shape until it is filled (or as much as you like), Allow to set, unmould 
  • The above images were made by: Pouring a little white soap in the mould, allow to set, spritz with alcohol and then pour the green soap in, unmould once set
  • Great Quality, strong & durable 
  • These silicone moulds are set in a durable mould which won't easily bend, droop or spill as you move it to set 
  • Please note - this listing is for the mould, not the finished items
*Please note - your mould may be other colours than the images