Buddhas Delight Sencha Tea


The finest Herbal tea flavoured with Puffed Rice - it's our Buddhas Delight Tea

Japan Genmaicha - A lovely herbal Tea with a warm nutty style flavour from the puffed barley with the delicate lightness of long leaf green tea. A favourite with all.

STYLE: A soft, slightly savoury taste, with low caffeine content, perfect for afternoon tea drinkers and those just starting their tea journey.

BREWING:1-2 minutes 75-80degC 2.5gm or 1 teaspoon/cup Beyond 2 minutes, the brew grows bitter.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea with roasted or popped rice grains

WEIGHT: 50gm Pack / Should make at approximately 30-100cups of tea (depending on strength)!

STYLE: Beautifully packed in a silver and clear self sealing bag with full colour gloss label - perfect for easy access and to keep your tea as fresh as possible