Elestial Quartz Gemstone Crystals x 250gm


Beautiful little natural quartz crystals, from ancient times

250gms Elestial Quartz Crystal Gemstones

You are getting 250gms of the item(s) shown in the above picture 

Copy the image to your computer and then enlarge it to get a better picture of these items!

  • New, perfect condition
  • * note - not for small children as they could choke on tiny objects
  • Each stone is approximately 10-50mm long
  • Actual stones may vary slightly from the above image as I will be selecting 250gms for you from the batch
  • Some may contain trapped minerals from ancient times

Very Old, Carrying the mysteries of the Ancients! Elestial Cathedral Lightbrary Library Quartz Crystals

Metaphysical uses for Lightbrary Quartz include:

Accessing past, present and future information.

Acting as a library to store information.

Uplifiting downtrodden spirits.

The Lightbrary Quartz Crystal hold books of information, especially about "light" and "lightwork". Holding a lightbrary quartz during meditation will assist you in moving upward in consciousness and understanding of the "big picture".

Lightbrary crystals may contain the sacred knowledge of the “Akashic Record."



Many Quartz Crystals may be found spectacularly clear in appearance, bringing clarity, wisdom enhancement and energy into all aspects of the users life. The more opaque varieties represent the more feminine aspects and assists with intuition, insomnia, nurturing and dream awareness.  All varieties of quartz awaken us to higher potentials. They have the ability to make the user aware of blockages in their personality they may not be able to nor wish to see. These blockages may eventually result in disease states in the body.  Quartz shows the user where these blockages originate, the choice is then available to alleviate this state of being. Quartz assists in dispersing any  negative states in their energy field or  environment. Physically it is beneficial for the spine, structural concerns and building the health of most organs through the meridian system.