Gemstone Identification DIY Kit


Make a full DIY Card of Identified Gemstones with 20 Stones

Crystals, for collectors!
Fun, educational, make it yourself with Instructions and Guide
  • Create a beautiful card of  polished & rough gemstones -  Vibrant colors, lovely pieces. 
  • You will receive the card (full colour gloss label)
  • 20 gems and crystals (approximately 5-10mm each, olivine may be smaller crystal clusters)
  • Instructions
  • Warning / cheat sheet to help accurately identify each gem
  • Every card will therefore be hand made (by you) and will be slightly different, with slightly different gems and minerals from the same families
    *Note - Your card and gemstone varieties may be slightly different to the images
  • Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers, teachers or just to look attractive in a collection. A lovely gift for all.
  • A terrific educational activity for the kids (or adults)
  • SIZE:  approx' 220mm X 200mm each card

TEACHERS: Look under our Gifts / Fundraising area or Parties for bulk purchases for students