Resin / Cement / Stone / Plaster Mandala Kit - Just add Base Material, Includes Hydrostone


Amazing, Beautiful Resin Art Mandala Kit, includes everything you need except resin to make these beautiful coasters

Kit Contains

  • Silicone Mandala Mould
  • Teal Mica (Small pkt)
  • Purple Mica (Small pkt)
  • Gold Mica (Small pkt)
  • Paintbrush
  • 100gms Hydrostone (whilst the images are of resin and these look great, we are including a 100gm sample pack of hydrstone at no charge to get you started)

To create your own beautiful Mandala wall hanging or coasters:

  1. Carefully dry brush paint your mandala mould with your chosen mica colours
  2. Slowly pour in your well mixed resin (this is not included, you will need to purchase this - you can then buy as much as you need to make as many as you would like)
    *NOTE: You can also use plaster / Concrete / Hydrostone if you don't wish to use resin - these items can also be hand painted later if desired
  3. Allow to set / cure
  4. Carefully peel back the mould to show your beautifully finished product
  5. If desired, you may do an additional gentle pour on the back (take care to not go over the edges), to create a smooth rounded backing on the finished item.
    Alternatively you could add felt to protect your table tops


Used in accordance with material safety data sheet hydrostone is the strongest gypsum available it is used for figurines moulds lamp bases simulated stone material and models it's high compressive strength and tight surface texture makes it the ideal product for high-quality figurines

Mix ratio powder to water 100:32
Vicat set time 17 to 20 minutes
Compressive strength 10000 psi
Setting expansion 0.24%

Contains plaster of Paris crystalline silica
Warnings: Eyes flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes
Indigestion if gastric disturbance occurs call physician product can harden and result in setting, wash with soap and water
Inhalation provide fresh air
Seek medical attention if any of the above symptoms persist
Always wear gloves safety goggles and protective mask when using