Mold vs Mould - is there a difference?

Posted on 17 May 13:25 , 1 comment

Mold vs Mould
What to use when you are referring to an item used in soap-making, hopefully not something that has occurred to your soap over time.

There is a difference - not only in the meaning yet also in the spelling.

In our website we are pretty much always referring to something you can pour your base into to create a finished product, usually made from Silicone or various forms of plastic.

Mold or Mould refers to among other things:

  1. A frame for shaping or pouring a medium into to create a finished product
  2. To create a shape or pattern within a mold
  3. Many types of various fungi that commonly grow on organic matter and are often associated with decay.

Mold is the American spelling for all categories of the meanings above 

Mould is the British spelling for the same categories of the meanings above.

American English has no mould, and British English has no mold.

Both Australian and Canadian English prefer generally the British spelling, though mold is often now seen in Canadian publications.

In Australia we can spell it both ways, similarly to Color VS Colour. It means the same thing. We will often put both in our titles to assist with searching.

We prefer the spelling Mould, as we favour British English (perhaps we are just a tad old school).

It’s a preference we have rather than a right or wrong situation. 

Using Moulds allows you to take a plain soap bar or candle and turn it into a truly special work of art. 

We love seeing your creations and love to keep making new and unique Moulds to share with you.

Life's short - use the good soap!