Make Soap Embeds or Tiny Embellishments

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Never waste a speck of soap again - look how pretty these are


Create a Spanner/ Shifter Soap

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So amazing, you won't believe it's a soap!
An Amazing emtallic looking spanner made entirely from soap - we will show you how easy it is to create.



Berries & Roses Melt and Pour Soap Embeds

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Super sweet little roses or berries to add a special touch to your soaps or use as a single use guest soap


Adding Mica and Shimmer to making an Amethyst MP Soap

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A few tips and techniques for making your Amethyst Crystal Soaps Pop


Pigments VS Dyes - What's the Difference, When to use each in Soap Making!

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Pigments - Dyes - Neon Pigments

A little about each and when to use them. 

What is MP? Melt and Pour Soap!

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For our newbies beginning their soap journey -
or for a little more information for the more advanced soapers - a few FAQ's - a new video to share with you! Please share this video on your pages, in groups and/or with your friends.


Little Girl Makes Bathing Crystals But it goes wrong!

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So easy to make bath Salts - a little girl can show you how even when it goes wrong !


Soap Makers Group Buy Insurance

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What if your customers EAT your soap Ice Cream? Do you need insurance, is it expensive, can you get it cheaper? Here's a video on the discussion of Insurance in Australia and a group buy you can join in on. The URL is you are most welcome to share it with friends or in any groups you belong to.


Renascent Bath & Body - Bathed in Love - Welcome to You Tube

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Soap Making So Easy A Child Can Do It

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If the thought of mixing lye and chemicals frightens you, let us welcome you to the world of Melt & Pour (MP) Soap Making. So easy a child could do it (with a little assistance)
Here a (very young) Emma shows you the simple basics of soap making.

I love the look of satisfaction on her face when she unmoulds (that tricky little soap) and shows the finished product,